Vintage Red Truck with Christmas Tree

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Ever since I designed the 3D Pickup Truck, I wanted to make the oh so popular Vintage Red Truck with a Christmas Tree. I finally got around to making this version and I LOVE it!  It is on display amongst all my other Christmas decorations. I hope some of you enjoy it too!  In 2018, I added the wooden bed rails and slats to the file.  The Pickup Truck SVG File has been updated to include these. 

I added a little wreath embellishment I had in my Christmas goodies and 2 large rhinestones for the headlights.  Of course, I had to make my own custom license plates.

3D Vintage Red Truck SVG with Christmas Tree

Then I had to have a Christmas tree in the back! Now you can better see the rails on the back. I also added melted down green perler beads to the middle of the wheels on the tires.

I used the Darice embossing folder Holly Vines for the embossed panel on the back of the truck. The Cone Christmas tree is something I designed recently. It is available for free and is sized to fix into the truck bed, as shown. Link:

3D Vintage Red Truck SVG with Christmas Tree

If you like this Pickup Truck design, you could easily make a Christmas truck using this popular Vintage Flatbed Truck SVG file too.

3D Vintage Flatbed Truck SVG

Thank you allowing me to share this Christmas Truck with you all!  Happy Crafting….Sandy

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