How to Make a Christmas String of Lights Using a Cricut or Silhouette

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Make this festive paper Christmas string of lights like this with the Christmas Light Bulb Box SVG.

Christmas Lights String SVG

Things you Need

  • First, you need to own a cutting machine like Cricut, Silhouette or ScanNCut.
  • Purchase & download the Christmas Light Bulb SVG file.
  • You need some cardstock and/or paper for the panels.
  • Twine, cord or string to hold lights

Cardstock Used:

How to Make the Christmas Boxes & String

  • After purchasing the file, download, unzip and upload the SVG files to your cutting software like Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. Help is readily available on our SVG Cutting Help Page.
  • After Unzipping the file, the files you need are located within SVG Files folder under the String Version folder.
  • Upload/Import the SVG Files to your Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or other cutting machine software.

I recommend uploading/importing the complete file version, found under the Complete Files folder. The xmas_bulb_string_complete.svg has perforated/dashed scorelines that cut. If you want to use a score tool or score wheel, you would use the solidlines version. It is just harder to fold. For Silhouette users, I recommend the xmas_bulb_string_complete.svg.

Blog Christmas String SVG Files
  • If you are using Cricut Design Space, make sure you prep the scorelines. If using the perforated scorelines, attach the scorelines. If using the solidline versions, change the lines to score and attach the scorelines. Reference Cricut Help if you are unsure how to do this.
  • Cutout all the pieces for the string. I made 5 different color lights and a 4 foot length of cording.
  • Watch our Christmas Light Bulb Box Assembly tutorial on assembling the box. Make sure you are using the box that has holes and not the box without holes. The video shows how to assemble the box version. They are identical except for the holes in the top of box and sides/top of socket. These are the finished bulbs before stringing.
Blog Paper Christmas String of Lights

The instructions to string the lights starts about 27 minutes into the video. The video only explains how to string one light, but then you can add more to create the string. String as many as you want. Just make sure you have enough string/cord to hold them all!

Have fun!

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