Cricut Design Space How to Use Digital Paper

Cricut Design Space How to Use Digital Paper

What is digital paper? 

Essentially digital paper is a pattern or paper you can print out on a printer. You can use digital paper with Cricut Design Space, as long as you have a printer. There are a ton of digital papers online, free and paid, that you can download and use instead of buying paper packs. You can find any type or theme digital paper imaginable. Some refer to them as digital patterns, but mostly they are referred to as digital paper. If not free, most are reasonably priced, they just take up hard drive space and you have them forever.  And it keeps your craft shelves free for other crafting goodies rather than stacks and stacks of paper!

So, how do you use all this digital paper with Cricut Design Space? 

This following video explains 3 ways you can use digital paper with Cricut Design Space for Print and Cut. There are also a few places I mention where I purchase my digital paper, but there are many free resources.  Just search for free digital paper and you will find a ton.

Watch the video which explains these 3 ways I use digital paper with Cricut Design Space.

  1. Print full page of the digital paper on your printer, to use it with your Cricut like any other paper or cardstock. This is not print and cut.
  2. Upload digital paper to patterns to use within the Cricut to add the pattern to a cut image. Then you can print and cut the image.
    Note: This method does not work in iPad/iPhone IOS Design Space or Android Design Space
  3. Upload digital paper to images, rather than patterns, for more flexibility on how the pattern will display on your image. This method uses the slice option to cut the digital paper to the shape of the cut image.
    Note: This method works in iPad/iPhone IOS Design Space but currently Android Design Space does not support print and cut

Link to Print and Cut Help from Cricut:

New Complete File (All SVG files in a single file)

New Complete File (All SVG files in a single file)

Starting May 2019, we now include a complete SVG file within our SVG files folder with each SVG design you purchase.  This complete file contains all the individual SVG files for ease of importing one single file versus several.  The single SVG files are still included for those that may find it more beneficial to use, such as Scan n Cut users.

Once you unzip the file, look for the Complete File folder within SVG Files folder with 2 versions of the complete file, one with dashed scorelines and one with solid scorelines (for machines that are capable of using solid scorelines). It takes a long time to update older files, so that this time we are not updating older SVG designs with the complete file.  We may modify them in the future.

Cricut Design Space

For Cricut Design Space users, this means there will be a few steps needed to use the file properly. After uploading the complete file into Design Space, you have to ungroup the file to attach the scorelines.  To help you, we created this brief tutorial on showing how to use the complete file.


If you use the browser-based Cricut Design Space, most of our SVG files will not import at the correct size. This video is not updated, as it reflects an issue from 2019 which was shrinking files to 11.5″.  Files are now coming in a bit larger than they need to be. You can still use the complete file, but you will have to resize the width of the file once to the width shown in the PDF reference document included with all SVG files. Video addresses this change.  Those using the iPad/iPhone app may have the files come in smaller, but can resize still within the app to the correct width shown in the PDF file.

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and above

For Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and above users, it really only is a drag and drop into Silhouette Studio.  Then all you have to do is ungroup the file, combine the cut files by color as desired and cut them out. We even have a tutorial on how to use the solid scoreline file versions with your Cameo 3, if you have never done so. Click here to view the tutorial on using solid scorelines with your Cameo.  Most users still use the dashed scoreline version. Here is a quick video on using the complete file.

Other Die Cutting Software

The complete files can also be easily imported into Sure Cuts a Lot and eCAL using the standard import process. The individual SVG files will still be available for software that requires the smaller individual SVG files, like Scan n Cut and perhaps other die cutting software. If you ever need additional assistance, contact us and we will do our best to help!

Tips for Scoring in Cricut Design Space

Tips for Scoring in Cricut Design Space

Today I have Ali from Cut, Cut, Craft! joining the blog. Cut, Cut Craft! has a lot of great resources for Cricut and Silhouette users, including but not limited to reviews, tutorials and info on where to get a lot of SVG freebies.  We are honored to be listed as one of 23 Best Sites for Free SVG Files.  Read on!

Hi guys!

If you’re reading this you are probably having a bit of difficulty with a design that requires attached score lines.  Maybe you’re not quite sure what score lines are even for? Or you keep trying to use them and you wind up cutting them instead of scoring? Fortunately, this is a pretty common issue. Sandy has a great video tutorial that we’re going show you, so you can either follow along here or watch her video below and then stop back if you still need a hand.

Let’s do it!

What is scoring?

Scoring means putting a crease or indent on the paper, so it can fold easily and cleanly. For thick and heavy paper or cardstock, folding without scoring first can make the paper crack or rip, and you’ll get messy folds. So to get the cleanest, professional-looking folds, it’s important to score them first. On diagrams for paper crafts, score lines are marked as dashed or solid lines along which you’ll fold, instead of cut. You’ll see them on tabs and folded edges. We’ll go over exactly how Design Space marks them so you can always make sure to cut your cuts, and score your…scores!

How to attach score lines in Design Space: step-by-step

In order to score lines with your Cricut, you’ll need the scoring tool accessory. The Cricut Explore Air series and Cricut Maker both have dual heads to hold the scoring stylus and the regular cutting blade at the same time. But before you start scoring, you need to make sure to designate the dashed, dotted, or solid fold lines in your diagram as score lines in Cricut Design Space, and attach them to the layer that is being cut.

You can check out this video to see exactly how to do that!


That’s it! With what you know now you can easily make something like this medium tumbler box:

or this graduation explosion box:

For more, super informative video tutorials, check out the Simply Crafty SVGs YouTube channel!

Don’t forget to check out all the great content from Ali at Cut, Cut, Craft!

Camping Sticky Notepad Holder with Cricut Design Space

Camping Sticky Notepad Holder with Cricut Design Space

Today, I decided to do something a little different. We used the Bonus Basic Sticky Notepad Holder from the Decorative Sticky Notepads SVG File to make this Camping Sticky Notepad holder with a Camping Trailer on it.  I could have easily used any of the notepad designs from this set…the only difference is the front of the holder.  For most of our designs, it is simple to modify the designs to customize it to a specific theme. Often, you are looking for a gift and cannot find a completed project that fits your needs.  This is when it is helpful to utilize some of your software’s tools to get it done.  For this project, I used Cricut Design Space 3.

Here is the completed holder with a 3″ x 3″ notepad.  I love these holders, as they are so easy to customize and make. AND they are a great gift for anyone that works in an office. You can make them any theme.

Camping Sticky Notepad Holder

Watch this video that shows how I combined our SVG file with a Cricut camping trailer image within Cricut Design Space 3 to create the final project.

We have an assembly video for the Decorative Sticky Notepads on our YouTube Channel for help with the assembly.  However, here are the basic steps.

I pieced together the trailer from Campin’ Critters Cricut image set.

Camping Sticky Notepad Holder

Then folded front of the holder as shown, folding the little front piece of the holder up. Prior to assembly, I added the trailer and panel sections.

Camping Sticky Notepad Holder

Then added the back piece of the holder to stand it up.  Basically, this completes the holder. I also added a pre-printed die cut “Happy Camper” sentiment that I had on hand in my craft room.

Camping Sticky Notepad Holder

Additional Project Details:

Happy Crafting!

Fall Pumpkin Gatefold Card by DT Kimberly Sisco

Fall Pumpkin Gatefold Card by DT Kimberly Sisco

Take a look at this lovely version of the FREE Fall Pumpkin Gatefold Card as designed by DT Kimberly.

She did not make just one card, but two!  With the pumpkin from the SVG file, she created another shaped card, using Cricut Design Space.

Click here to view her video assembly, showing the steps she took in Cricut Design Space to modify the SVG file.  For additional information, click here to head on over to her blog.

Kimberly Michelle, DT Member Simply Crafty SVGs
Kimberly Michelle Designs Blog
Kimberly Michelle Designs Facebook
Kimberly Michelle Designs YouTube

Tiered Cake Box Card by DT Kimberly Sisco

Tiered Cake Box Card by DT Kimberly Sisco

Simply Crafty SVGs Tiered Cake Box Card

Hello Crafters! It is my pleasure to share my Simply Crafty SVGS Design Team project with you. I chose the Tiered Cake Box Card because I absolutely love creating cards. This box card is versatile and could be used for many occasions, such as, birthdays, weddings, and baby showers. I will be using mine as a birthday card. You can find the SVG here: I followed the instructions for this project which are included with all the Simply Crafty SVGS and the instructions come as a PDF format which can be printed. This box card came together rather quickly.

Below the pictures is an assembly process video where I show how I assembled my project.  I used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut Explore to cut out my images.

I took full advantage of the print then cut feature in Cricut Design Space for all my patterned images. I inked the edges of all the images with Distress Ink Vintage Photo to create more texture and depth.

If you have any questions, please, let me know. And be sure to visit Simply Crafty SVGS for innovative designs.

Watch the Assembly Process Video Below or Here on YouTube:

Kimberly Michelle, DT Team Simply Crafty SVGs
Kimberly Michelle Designs Facebook:
Kimberly Michelle Designs YouTube: