Dashed Scorelines Be Gone! (at least for some folks)

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For years, consumer SVG cutting files for boxes, bags, and cards included dashed scorelines only. This is because earlier die cutting machines had the capability to cut the dashed line to allow folding.  With technology advancements, the consumer die cutters continue to get better and better.  Some now even have the capability of scoring solid lines!  This is the reason we are now are including two different scorelines versions in all our new Simply Crafty SVG files.  One will be in the traditional dashed format AND the other a solid scoreline version.

What does that mean to me and should I really care?

If you are using a machine capable of using solid scorelines, you might care.  Using the files located in the solid_scorelines folder will allow those with Cricut Explore and Sizzix eClips2 to score a solid line, instead of dashed lines. Many people prefer this, as it is a cleaner look.  If you do have a compatible machine, we have included these files to use instead of the files with dashed scorelines. So, when you see a file with a dashed scoreline, check the solid_scorelines folder and import that version instead of the dashed version.

Cricut Users:

Cricut Design Space users, this means you still have to attach and change the solid scorelines to “Score” within Design Space to use with your score tool.  You can will use the dashed scorelines version, if you prefer.  Some people still like to “cut” their scorelines instead of using the score tool, which is sometimes preferable for 3D type projects. Click here for additional Cricut help.  We have some more scoring tips here.

Why do you still include the dashed scorelines?  

We still include the dashed scorelines is to make sure our files are compatible with most die cutters that use SVG file, even if they do not have the capability to use the solid scorelines. Also, it is much easier to fold 3D designs and boxes using traditional perforated score lines. We are not into exclusion. We love all technology!

What if I have a Silhouette Cameo?  Is there a way I can cut solid lines?

Great news!  We created this video tutorial to show you how you can use the second tool with a ratchet blade to easily score using a light kiss cut. Click here to view the video. I use it all the time and it works great! For more Silhouette help, click here.

I hope this was helpful to you all!  Happy Crafting!