5 Fun Embossing Folder Tips

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Here are 5 Fun and Easy Ways To Use Embossing folders.  I love how a quick use of an embossing folder can make your card or 3D project pop!  These are not new tips, but these are the ways we like to use them.  Perhaps some will be new to you!

  1. Just Emboss!  
    Using the embossing folder traditionally adds texture to a plain piece of paper to jazz it up quickly.  It can take a plain background to a “fandancy” background!
    Embossing Tips-Emboss It
  2. De-Emboss it!
    Use the de-embossed side instead of the raised embossed side.  Just turn the embossing folder over and instead of a raised design, you will have a inset design and opposite features embossed.Embossing Tips-De-Emboss It
  3. Sand it!
    Accentuate the embossed portions of the designs by sanding the embossed portions. This can we done with light sand paper (look up grit) or craft sandpaper.  If you have white core cardstock, the design will pop.  It is a fun technique to use with Core’dinations cardstock too! Below, I sanded only the top portions to show the difference.

    Embossing Tips-Sand It

    With Core’dinations Cardstock

    Embossing Tips-Sand It

    With White Core Cardstock

  4. Use Ink!
    Just dab an ink pad on the top portion of the embossing folder before embossing.  Insert paper and run the folder through your embossing machine.  This will give it a cool effect, as most everything but the embossed portion will have the ink color.  Try inking the back side too to see how the de-embossed version comes out.  Sometimes, it just gives you a entirely different look!

    Embossing Tips-Ink It

    Using Multi-color Stamp Ink

    Embossing Tips-Ink It

    With Distress Ink

  5. Embellish It!
    Decorate embossed paper using raised elements or with pens.  Use embellishments, such as jewels, to compliment embossed pattern.  Or use pen to color in portion of a design. On this, I used Smooch to color in portions of pattern and also added I-Rock gems.
    Embossing Tips-Embellish It
    Embellished with Smooch & I-Rock Jewels

The limits are really your imagination and scrapbooking supplies.  Most of us have a lot.

Have Fun!

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