As of 5/13/2021, 340+ SVG were updated to upload at the correct size in the Desktop version of Design Space. See History below explaining why this happened. All these files have been updated and contain complete files. We highly recommend using the complete file, which contains all the files within a SVG design. It requires one upload only. Click here for more information on using the complete file.

Another over 150+ SVG files have not been updated with complete files, but they load into Cricut Design Space at the correct size. You can find the updated files by browsing to the Updated category in the online store. If you previously purchased the file and you use Cricut Design Space, you may log into downloads on your account to download the updated file. This fixes sizing issues in the Desktop app only. If you have any trouble, Contact us.

IOS iPad/iPhone Design Space users: Sizing issues have been an issue with our files since 2019. See this video:

Here is a video explaining.

HISTORY Why did this happen?

In February 2021, Cricut changed the way they uploaded SVG files within the Desktop version of Cricut Design Space. It had to do with how their app technically read the code of the SVG file, which changed the size of the files. When this happened, a large number of our SVG files (over 340 files!) no longer imported at the correct size when using the Desktop Design Space app. The files were mostly inserting too large, as it was based on how the SVG file was saved. Nobody wants to read the details, but sizing was all over the place! I reported this to Cricut and provided detailed information on why it was happening, as I was not the only SVG designer affected. As of May 2021, Cricut still has not reversed their import/upload methodology, so I had to make mass changes, which took almost 2 full months.

As noted earlier, the updated file contains the complete file with all SVG files to import only once into Design Space. Should Cricut make another change affecting file import size, you can import the complete file and only have to resize ONE file rather than multiple. Complete files can be also used in other software like Sure Cuts a Lot and Silhouette Studio.

If you have any other questions or if you need assistance downloading an updated file, contact us and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!