New Complete File (All SVG files in a single file)

New Complete File (All SVG files in a single file)

Starting May 2019, we now include a complete SVG file within our SVG files folder with each SVG design you purchase.  This complete file contains all the individual SVG files for ease of importing one single file versus several.  The single SVG files are still included for those that may find it more beneficial to use, such as Scan n Cut users.

Once you unzip the file, look for the Complete File folder within SVG Files folder with 2 versions of the complete file, one with dashed scorelines and one with solid scorelines (for machines that are capable of using solid scorelines). It takes a long time to update older files, so that this time we are not updating older SVG designs with the complete file.  We may modify them in the future.

Cricut Design Space

For Cricut Design Space users, this means there will be a few steps needed to use the file properly. After uploading the complete file into Design Space, you have to ungroup the file to attach the scorelines.  To help you, we created this brief tutorial on showing how to use the complete file.


If you use the browser-based Cricut Design Space, most of our SVG files will not import at the correct size. This video is not updated, as it reflects an issue from 2019 which was shrinking files to 11.5″.  Files are now coming in a bit larger than they need to be. You can still use the complete file, but you will have to resize the width of the file once to the width shown in the PDF reference document included with all SVG files. Video addresses this change.  Those using the iPad/iPhone app may have the files come in smaller, but can resize still within the app to the correct width shown in the PDF file.

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and above

For Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and above users, it really only is a drag and drop into Silhouette Studio.  Then all you have to do is ungroup the file, combine the cut files by color as desired and cut them out. We even have a tutorial on how to use the solid scoreline file versions with your Cameo 3, if you have never done so. Click here to view the tutorial on using solid scorelines with your Cameo.  Most users still use the dashed scoreline version. Here is a quick video on using the complete file.

Other Die Cutting Software

The complete files can also be easily imported into Sure Cuts a Lot and eCAL using the standard import process. The individual SVG files will still be available for software that requires the smaller individual SVG files, like Scan n Cut and perhaps other die cutting software. If you ever need additional assistance, contact us and we will do our best to help!

Design Assembly Instructions Changes

Design Assembly Instructions Changes

Since I started this Simply Crafty SVGs’ venture in 2016, a lot has changed and I have learned a lot through this crafting journey.  Since the beginning, I have included PDF files with detailed written assembly instructions. Last year, many of you stated you preferred videos, so I began making a few assembly videos here and there.  For many of our designs, especially those created in late 2017 – 2018, both detailed written assembly instructions and videos are available.  The preferred method for most appears to be video tutorials.


Jump to today! After creating both the written and video instructions for many months, I had to make the difficult decision to discontinue offering the written instruction. Although I myself love written instructions, it became apparent I had to choose between offering either assembly videos or written instructions, due to time management.  In order to balance designing, customer emails and request for help, managing the business as a whole and still have a home life, I decided this was one thing that would truly help to free me up a bit more.  So, going forward, I will only be providing assembly videos for each design. The PDF file itself will still be provided as a reference for the related SVG files, but there will just be no written instructions. Assembly videos are embedded within the product details pages and also on our Simply Crafty SVGs YouTube Channel.

Freeing up some time will allow me to first and foremost, create more designs.  I would also like to take some time to make more tutorials for the various die cutting machines and related software, to help others.  Being selfish, the reason I am designing is that I enjoy crafting and I have not been able to get to some of my other crafts recently, as I am always in catch-up mode.   And I do need a little more time here and there to recharge myself, clear the mind for new ideas, and enjoy my family time.

So, that’s the scoop and I hope those that prefer the written instructions understand.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

–Sandy Stark