Complete File (All SVG files in a single file)

Complete File (All SVG files in a single file)

Designs created after May 2019 automatically include a complete SVG file within our SVG files folder with each SVG design you purchase.  This complete file contains all the individual SVG files so you can easily upload or import one single file versus several.  The single SVG files are still included for those that may still need them, such as ScanNCut users. Once you unzip the file, look for the Complete File folder within SVG Files folder. Within the folder, there are 2 versions of the complete file, one with dashed scorelines and one with solid scorelines (for machines that are capable of using solid scorelines).

In 2021, we started updating older SVG files to include the complete file, mainly due to Cricut Design Space sizing issues. Due to this issue, many older files have been updated and updated files may be available to download from Your Account. See Updated Files for Cricut Design Space Users for more information and the most current list of updated files with Complete files.

Using the Complete file in Cricut Design Space

For Cricut Design Space users, this means there will be a few steps needed to use the file properly. After uploading the complete file into Design Space, you have to ungroup the file to attach the scorelines.  To help you, we created this brief tutorial on showing how to use the complete file.

This following video (Updated in July 2021) shows you how to use the complete file.  Those using the iPad/iPhone app may have the files come in smaller, but can resize still within the app to the correct width shown in the PDF file. Reference Cricut Design Space IOS How to Use SVG files on an iPad or iPhone.

Using the Complete File in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and above

For Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and above users, you really only have to drag and drop a complete file into a project.  Most times, all you have to do is ungroup the file, combine the cut files by color as desired and cut them out. We even have a tutorial on how to use the solid scoreline file versions with your Cameo , if you have never done so. Click here to view the tutorial on using solid scorelines with your Cameo.  Most users still use the dashed scoreline version. Here is a quick video on using the complete file.

How to Use the Complete File in CanvasWorkspace Desktop for ScanNCut

Although the smaller individual SVG files are sized to fit on the CanvasWorkspace mat, some may have it handy to use the complete file. This video that explains how to resize the complete file to original size after it is resized to the mat size. It also shows you how to organize and save files as individual FCM files and/or send the design to cut directly.

Other Die Cutting Software

The complete files can also be easily imported into Sure Cuts a Lot using the standard import process. The individual SVG files will still be available for software that requires the smaller individual SVG files. If you ever need additional assistance, contact us and we will do our best to help!

eCAL 2 Keyboard Shortcut Reference for Sizzix eClips

eCAL 2 Keyboard Shortcut Reference for Sizzix eClips

Many of you know I use multiple die cutting machines.  In addition to the Cricut and Silhouette die cutters, I own a Sizzix eClips 2.  The software I used with the eClips is eCAL 2, which is a specialized version of Sure Cuts A Lot for Sizzix eClips die cutting machines.  I am one that likes to optimize my time, so I am a fan of keyboard shortcuts in software. I was unable to find a nice handy compact reference for keyboard shortcuts anywhere, so I made my own and I am sharing it.

Here is the link to the reference PDF file:  Keyboard Shortcuts For Craft Edge eCAL 2.  This is a one page reference only. There are other shortcuts, but these are the most common. They have helped me optimize my time within the eCAL 2 software and I hope others find it helpful too!

As of 4/11/2018, CraftEdge support confirmed the Windows software version 2.035 does not currently have the keyboard shortcuts active for loading/unloading the mat. This may be added in a future update.

We also have a few helpful tutorials for eCAL 2 on our Youtube channel.  Here is the link to the playlist, which will grow over time.