Graduation Explosion Box Up-Grade

Graduation Explosion Box Up-Grade

Graduation Explosion Box SVG upgrade

It’s that season of the year.  Graduation time! And what would be more fun than creating an explosion box with a little bit of an upgrade for your favorite grads!  Jan used the Graduation Explosion Box SVG and added a few additions to it.  Take a peek:

The upgrades? She changed the mortar board top into a shaker box, filled with all sorts of sprinkles and die cuts.

Graduation Explosion Box -Upgrade with shaker box and inserts

Jan then created an extra layer of flaps for some additional options (adding pictures and sentiments (not all shown) and then using the Gift Card holder that comes with the file, she used stamps and transparent inserts as a “pop-up” for the central focal point once the box lid is lifted off.  Jan will have more info about the “upgrades” on her blog

Play with school colors, add images from the year and a few other details that will make this a one-of-a-kind gift never to be forgotten for your special grad this year. 

Need some other options if an explosion box upgrade isn’t your first pick?  Check out these ideas:

Graduation SVG files

Lots of options and different ways you make them perfect for this year’s gift to your favorite grad!  You’ll find these and more here
Be sure to post your Simply Crafty SVG makes and share them with us on our Facebook Creator’s page.  You’ll find it here.  If you’re posting to other social media, be sure to tag us!  #simplycraftysvgs! 

It’s a Spring Tea Party

It’s a Spring Tea Party

If you haven’t made this teapot, the Round Teapot is the perfect centerpiece of a fun tablescape to host a Spring themed tea party or Mother’s Day tea.  Jan is sharing her version with us today. Then, be sure to add a couple of cute cups made using the Lots of Hearts Treat Cup

The cup handles are from the round teapot file and are sized down to fit the cup.  Be sure to add some saucers and several trays filled with goodies. You’re now ready to spend a lovely afternoon or evening with Mom and a few friends

Spring Tea Party – Round Teapot

The printed panels of the teapot and the cups are made using glossy photo paper. Jan wanted the teapot and cups to have a porcelain look. The top of the lid was also made using the photo paper. Add a bit of gold leaf or using a liner paint brush and paint a little gold on the panels for some additional highlights and trim. For more details, check out Jan’s blog.


…And since the teapot is a box, you can add some special goodies as a going home gift for your special guest. 

Tea Party Treats?

The large and small trays are from the Serving Trays file.  Jan found a printable miniature dollhouse wallpaper to use for the panels. The trays are a perfect addition to your first Spring Tea Party. Don’t forget your favorite teas or drink mix packets. 

Spring Tea Party, – Small Serving Tray
Spring Tea Party – Large Serving Tray

The larger tray can be filled with a few mini cupcakes, cake balls, bitesize cookies or other treats in your favorite Spring flavor.

Looking for some additional ideas?

Create your own table décor for a tea party or a Mother’s Day tea of your own.  There are lots of choices available on the website.  Here are a few among our favorites: 

Spring Tea Party – Tea Party files

You’ll find these and more ideas here

If you create a table scape or gift using one of the files for a fun Spring Tea Party, be sure to share with us on the Simply Crafty SVGs Creator Group (here). 

Antique Stationery Box – How to Make this Vintage Gift Box

Antique Stationery Box – How to Make this Vintage Gift Box

Spring has brought out the need to have a few extra gifts on hand and something to hold them in.  How about this Antique Stationery Box for a beautiful vintage gift giving option this Spring?  There are lots of boxes to choose from in the shop – and choosing just a couple of boxes from the list (319+ choices) make the challenge even more daunting at times. However, the FlipTop Box was a perfect choice for this project by Jan! The paper is from an old stack (Haberdashery by Paper Studio).  It adds to the finished vintage look for this stationery box. You’ll need three 12 x 12 sheets with the same design (patterned on one side and plain on the other), to construct this box. 

Let’s peek at the finished box

Antique Stationery Box

cut oUT THE svg fiLE, assemble & fILL WITH gIFTS

Cut the box using the wrong side of the paper (the plain side) as the outside of the box.  Cut the panels.   Assembly is a breeze even for beginners.  As always, there’s a great assembly video available here.    

Fill the inside with a stack of notecards decorating using a vintage floral image, wrapped in ribbon and tied with a bow.  Don’t forget to include a special pen to go with those notecards!  Jan chose to use one of the vintage fountain pens used by her father and packaged it in the Glitter Pen box, cut in a cream colored cardstock. Perfect additions to the Antique Stationery box using the fliptop box file.

Interior of Antique Stationery Box

Once your box is filled with those special treasures, use some satin or organza ribbon, tie in a bow and add a small tag if desired to finish off this beautiful vintage looking box.


As noted above, there are more than 321 box choices available in the store at Simply Crafty SVGs.  The selection varies from standard rounds and squares to stylized boxes in nearly every shape and size possible!  Explosion boxes, Canisters, Steampunk, Birthday, Camping, and Treat boxes are just a few of the many themed boxes available.  And we can’t leave out the holidays either!  Have fun choosing!  You’ll want to plan on spending a little bit of time browsing and adding a few to your collection of files.  Check them out here

Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes
Make this Vintage Gift Box

What kind of box is your favorite? 

We’d love to see your interpretation of one or more of your favorite boxes.  Be sure to share your makes with us on the Simply Crafty SVGs Creator Group on Facebook.  We’ll be watching for them! 

Decorate the Easter Egg Box inside and out

Decorate the Easter Egg Box inside and out

Easter Egg Box with fun inserts

Create a whole different twist to the Easter Egg Box by adding a few fun details to the outside and inside of the Easter Egg Box file.  It’s always fun to change things up a bit. 

To recreate this project, you’ll also need the bunny, grass and eggs from the Bunny in a Basket Card; and the chick from the Easter Chick Treat Box for the inserts. 

Once cut, the Easter Egg box is a very quick to assemble.  The box panels are cut from the same color as the box base, the added details include foiled leaves (from and the flowers on the upper panels are made using some ink and a cotton swab.  The two colors of the ink, create a soft, subtle look and the finished pattern almost looks like purchased printed paper.  Bonus:  It only takes a few minutes to add those flowers to the panels. 

Easter egg panels with foiling

For the bottom panels, Jan used a basket weave embossing folder… and swipe the raised areas with the darker of the two inks used for the flowers on the upper panels.  Lightly ink the edges of the panels before adding them to the egg base.  Choose any pattern to decorate the panels…. That’s half the fun!

bottom embossed panels

For the inserts on the inside of the egg, the grass, eggs, chick and bunny were resized to fit inside the egg.  Measure the egg bottom opening from side to side to determine fit.  Elements and placement will determine the size and height.  Adhere them as desired on strips of cardstock and attach the strip to the inside of the egg box bottom with glue or strong tape.  

There are so many different ways you can decorate the Easter Egg Box, inside and out!

Easter Egg Box finished

If desired, add some “grass” and a few jellybeans or chocolate in the back of the egg bottom.  Add the top and your Easter Egg box is ready for gifting!  Additional details for this project can be found on Jan’s blog. Besides the Easter Egg Box, there are several other products you might be interested in.

Additional product ideas

For a full list of Easter themed products, click here.  And for additional ideas from other crafters, check out the blog

Share your Easter makes with us on the  Simply Crafty Svgs Creator’s page.  We’d love to see your work. 

Welcome Spring with a Wonderland Themed Hat

Welcome Spring with a Wonderland Themed Hat

Adaptation of the Victorian Top Hat

After recently viewing the original, animated film of Alice in Wonderland, Jan created this Wonderland version using the Victorian Top Hat file. Roses, hearts, feathers, a pocket watch and more are featured in this Spring themed Wonderland hat design.

This project is easy to recreate.

Assemble the hat side, brim and top as shown in the assembly video using the link above.

A strip of white tulle is used in place of the hat bands.  Feathers and hearts were tucked into the tulle and used as additional decoration. A few more hearts were sprinkled around the brim of the hat. 

The rolled roses are from the hat file.   Jan added some yellow stamens to the center of each rose with a drop of hot glue.  The pocket watch is a resized version of the Round Candy Box. The watch measures about 1 ½ inches in diameter and is about ½ inch deep. Jan used hot glue to secure these elements to the hat. Add additional elements to complete the theme of a Wonderland themed hat.

Check out the library in your software.

Using shapes from the SCAL Library, select the rabbit ears and hearts.

Jan’s addition of the rosette is easy to replicate using a horizontal rectangle and vertical score lines at regular intervals across the rectangle.      

Enjoy your make.

Spring is just around the corner. Create a new themed hat with one of these files.

Hats off for Spring

Celebrate the season with a quick review of a few of the themed hats you can make using files from Simply Crafty SVGs! 

Take a peek at these 3 selections:

Whimsical Top Hat

Bunny Ears Hat Mug

Spring Sailor Hat

Sailor Hat

There are several more hat files in the shop!  We invite you to check them out here

Spring holidays are just around the corner and as you prepare for holidays or outdoor activities, join in the fun, and create a spring chapeau to celebrate the new season’s arrival. 

We invite you to share your creation with us at the Simply Crafty SVGs Creator’s Group on Facebook.  We’d love to see your makes!   

Mardi Gras Gnome

Mardi Gras Gnome

March is just around the corner and there’s no time to waste if you’re planning on celebrating Mardi Gras this year with a FUN new piece! Why not create a fun adaptation of the gnome file and celebrate with a Mardi Gras Gnome!

The Gnome SVG file got a bit of a makeover, and our new Mardi Gras gnome is looking forward to grabbing a few extra strands of beads before the party ends.

Mardi Gras Gnome

Cut and assemble the body of the gnome as described in the video (  For the hat, cut the panels using some double-sided patterned paper, the rim and decorative panel for the hat. 

If you don’t have double-sided patterned paper make your own by gluing two panels, back-to-back (you’ll need to cut 2 sets of panels).  Lightly train the paper by curving the panels. 

Next, join the tab for the brim. 

Glue the panels to the inside of the rim of the hat with the pointed ends curling outward.  Let dry.  Add the decorative panel to the rim of the hat.  If desired, add bells or another decorative element to the end of the panel at the point. 

Place the hat on the gnome body.  Adhere the nose and add any additional details you wish. 

Fill the body of the gnome with a fun treat.  Add a crumpled piece of tissue paper and let it puff up at the center of the hat area. 

Of course, Mardi Gras isn’t the only holiday in March… St. Patrick’s day will follow in a couple of short weeks. 
Check out this cute St Patrick’s Day adaptation of the Gnome file!

You’ll find the details for making this cute gnome here

Need a few more ideas? 

Check out these files!  Links below the image.    

Clover Treat Box

Shamrock Glasses

Shamrock Handle Treat Box

Leprechaun Treat Box

Pot of Gold Treat Box
Leprechaun Hat Treat Box

Leprechaun Hat

Happy Crafting!  Be sure to share your projects with us on our Facebook Simply Crafty SVGs Creators page.  We love to see what you’ve been working on.